Purity focuses on the production and sales of shower columns, plastic hand showers, showers, kitchen sprays, soap dispensers, lifting rods, shower arms, faucets and other bathroom products, as a manufacturer of hand shower, with a professional R&D team, The testing laboratory and intelligent equipment production workshop cooperate with our customers in all aspects.


Purity keeps abreast of the world design trends to provide our customers with creative products to meet their intended demand of functionality or aesthetic. IF Design Awards were achieved as below.


Integrate standardization and automation into Purity Digitalization Platform to ensure every process completed to meet customer's requirements.

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Our Advantages

Purity is pretty flexible to corporate with our partners in different ways, like ODM & OEM.For ODM,you may directly take from our existing designs from our catalog, makes a few minor changes and sells it under your own brand instead of investing a lot of time and money to make a new product from scratch. It would be quite cost saving and high-efficient to bring your new product to the market. For OEM products, they could be totally made according to your any specification,which would keep complete creative control over the design.Moreover, we specialize in manufacturing quality goods with competitive price based on our complete quality system. Our intelligent factoy would guarantee production lead time to support your sales.Purity team is always ready here to offer services below on a global scale. Look forward to being your partner!
As a leading manufacturer of bathroom appliances, Purity has a wide range of products including shower head China, hand shower manufacturers and other bathroom accessories. Our team of experienced engineers and designers can help you develop new and innovative products that meet your specific needs. We use the latest technology and high-quality materials to produce exceptional products that are both stylish and functional. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that our products are produced efficiently and to the highest standards. Whether you are looking for OEM or ODM services, Purity is the partner you can trust for quality and reliability.


Our original designs are available to expand your product portfolios in a short time.


We're your best partner to bring out your unique designs into reality completely based on your requirements.

Moderate price

Good price could be always offerred relatively to support you for market expansion.

Quality assurance

Purity QA system has been set to meet different quality standards.

Fast delivery

Fast production lead time assists you to achieve rapid market penetration.

Gold Service

Excellent customer services always prioritize our customer's demand to maintain high customer satisfaction.

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Product Categories

Whether you are looking for a five functions hand held shower, the best kitchen sink faucets for hard water, an eco flow handheld shower head or a brass shower column, Purity has got you covered. Our product categories include shower column, faucet, slide bar, hand shower, shower head, and kitchen wand, all of which are designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards. Our eco-friendly products are not only stylish but also functional, and our innovative designs ensure that you get the best performance and value for your money. With a wide range of products to choose from, we are confident that you will find exactly what you need for your bathroom or kitchen. Purity, as a manufacturer of hand shower and other bathroom products, we have a wide range of products to choose from, we are sure you will find the right product for your bathroom or kitchen. Explore our product categories today and find the perfect bathroom product for your needs!

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Global services

Global Product Certification

Oriented to be our global partners' reliable manufacturer with our commitment to the quality and safety of all products.We have been strictly complying with ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and our laboratory has been certified by CSA. We pay attention to each process during the production from IQC, PQC, to OQC.

Company News

Stay tuned for the latest news from Purity! Here we create an interactive platform to update the news about Purity company events or sanitary field. We'll keep you informed about everything going here!

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